Miccoli – Idle Stranger Official Video

Three piece eclectic band Miccoli have released the video for their latest single ‘Idle Stranger’. The siblings have been a band for the past four years and never fail to surprise us with their ability to make every lyric and every note carry a sense of meaning and desire.

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Lights - Miccoli Music - Band

If you aren’t familiar with Miccoli, you soon will be, as the band’s single – “Lights” – was featured by Billboard a few days ago. “Lights” is from Miccoli’s released EP 1/2, which drops on May 12.

Miccoli is composed of twin brothers Adriano and Alessandro, and sister, Francesca. The band hails from the U.K.

“Lights” starts out with guitar and keyboards, then the vocals join in and the melody, which is zestfully airy, takes off. Good stuff!

Watch Miccoli - Lights (Official Video)

Miccoli Music

Miccoli is an up and coming English band known for soaring harmonies and cryptic lyrics.

Listen to songs and albums by Miccoli, including "Idle Stranger", "Undo", "Lights" and many more.

Miccoli - Idle Stranger (Official Video)

Miccoli (band) - Idle Stranger (Official Video) LYRICS

So here it is so here I go
I’m tired of the street life
Tired of the show
But I don’t I don’t really get this
I’ve told you once I can’t do twice
It’s not fair on me cause I’m dying tonight
And I don’t I don’t really get this
So take this final chance
Don’t break my heart I beg
So hear me now cause
I don’t wanna be Loved by you
If you are gonna be
An Idle Idle Idle stranger
I’ve told you now cause
I don’t wanna feel
Love like this cause you will always be
An Idle Idle Idle stranger
An Idle Idle Idle stranger
It’s easy when it's touch and go
Your heart is a mixture of love that’s grown old
Let it go Learn to forget this
You say you think you’ve lost control
You’ve knots in your stomach your spirit is low
Can't you see?
The shadows surround me

Miccoli - Devices (Official Video)

Miccoli - Devices LYRICS 

Funny how the wind blows of an evening
While the fear failure is fast asleep
So I'll breath again and start a new day
As your heart skips yet another beat
Don't send the day when my world falls down
And there's only rumble at your feet
Ooh ooh ooh ooh oh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh oh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh oh
Stand in strong against the world now I fear
The shadows that trouble and worry me
Coming undone by my own devices
My focus is drawn and fairly weak
Seeking rest and finding just my stern bones Is all that remains from my feats
Ooh ooh ooh ooh oh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh oh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh oh
Some say I fall I say we fall Some hope I fail
Some hope we fail, fail
Together devices call

Miccoli (band)

Miccoli is a British, adult alternative/indie pop band formed in 2010 from Birmingham, England. Miccoli band consists of siblings: twin brothers Adriano Miccoli (vocal and acoustic/electric guitar) Alessandro Miccoli (piano, vocal and acoustic guitar) and sister Francesca Miccoli (vocal, piano and harmonica).